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Kites | Kites – Tim's Words


I love the pull of the string, the way the wind changes and makes me pull harder or not as hard against it. I love the colors of my kite against the clear blue sky. I love the physics in play, the aerodynamics of drag and lift, the tensile strength of the string, the pressure differences that create the gusts that try to take my kite away from me. I love the blissful relaxation of having a good reason to lay back in the greening grass and have nothing more to do than to hold onto a spool of string. But more than any of that, I love the way the string sings in the wind. When I put my ear against it, I can hear its music, a long violin string bowed by the wind. In that moment, all my senses are engaged, completely connected to nature by the simplest of means: a string and a kite.

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